With 15 years of experience, Procurafrica® is regarded as a key player in the procurement of industrial and agricultural supplies. We focus on the quality and reliability of our products, so you can trust us to supply you with the chemicals you need.

Procurafrica® has a wealth of experience in supplying chemical raw materials. We rely on our international offices to uncover the best opportunities for our clients. The presence of our experts in regulatory affairs guarantees us accurate labelling of products.

We pay special attention to the security and quality of our chemicals. We offer a vast range of products in the following industries:

Agro-food industry
Mining and Oil Extraction
Water purification

Brands : BASF, Solvay, Evonik, Exxon, Danisco, Budenheim, SINOPEC, Sinochem, CSPC Pharmaceutical Group, …

Our products guarantee your work to be flawless, without compromising on quality.

The list is not exhaustive. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer a tailored service to our clients. If the product you are looking for is not in this list, contact us! We can certainly supply you.

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